Parsley Tea: The Healthy Benefits Behind A Fixture in Decorative Food

Ever gone to your favorite Italian restaurant, ordered the classic Fettuccini Alfredo and upon the dish arriving to your table, noticed the chopped green leafy flakes of parsley? Well, believe it or not, those little parsley flakes are actually more than just a decorative addition to some of the most popular dishes around. Parsley has properties that offer great alternatives to healthy and holistic lifestyle. Here’s how parsley tea can help you.

Key Vitamins: 

  • Vitamin A, C, & K 
  • B-12 
  • Potassium 
  • Iron 
  • Fiber 
  • Beta-Carotene 
  • Folate 

Because parsley has so much vitamin C, it creates an influx into the absorption of iron into the body. This ultimately helps people who suffer from anemia, arthritis and rheumatism.
The combination of beta-carotene, B-12, and folate are great for the cardiovascular system and also helps repair damage to blood vessels by improving and maintaining elasticity of the vessels.

Menstrual Cycle

Parsley contains apiole, which can essentially do two things: 1) Regulate irregular menstrual cycles; and 2) Provide relief for menstrual cycle cramps and pain. Simply brew a cup of parsley tea and so long to the dreaded worry of when your cycle will start or the pain that typically comes with it.

Diets & Digestive Improvements

Many of today’s diets incorporate a detoxifying component that is intended to completely clean out the toxins in the body. Another appealing health benefit that will have many running for a cup of parsley tea, is the reduction in the retention of water, while also flushing out toxins from your system, including those that attack the liver.

Not much of a coincidence, since parsley removes toxins from the body, is that it can also help with the pain that arises from a bladder infection as well improving the digestive system.

An important note for women, avoid drinking parsley tea during pregnancy, as studies have shown that it can cause cases of miscarriage.

There are great recipes for how to make parsley tea that can be found all over the Internet, the thing to remember is never drink large doses at once as it can upset the stomach. This tea is recommended for light consumption and should always be given time to thoroughly digest.
I’m sure the next time you stop by that Italian restaurant, you’ll be telling friends or even complete strangers that parsley is so much more than a food dress.